CMS VATAVARAN Environment and Wildlife International Film Festival & Forum is a green movement that uses the medium of films and forums to catalyze change in perception, policy and practice. Initiated in 2002, this film festival and forum is dedicated to promote awareness on contemporary environmental and wildlife issues by providing stakeholders an international forum to share their knowledge, network, conduct business and celebrate nature’s diversity.

CMS VATAVARAN’s uniqueness lies in its pan- Indian approach of reaching out to its stakeholders. The main competitive film festival which is organized in New Delhi then travels to selected cities based on the theme. The first travelling edition was organized in the year 2004 in Chennai, Coimbatore and Mumbai. Since then, this travelling film festival and forum has been organized in 40 Indian cities. Films from the competitive edition are taken to cities for screenings, and commensurate to the theme of the festival, discussions, workshops, eco- tours are organized in partnership with state government departments, NGOs, education institutions, etc. The travelling CMS VATAVARAN plays an important role in sharing the best of environment and wildlife films to a variety of audiences, and also highlighting local environmental issues in CMS VATAVARAN’s wide network of policy makers, conservationists, journalists, etc.

The format of the travelling edition has been effective in reaching out to a wide audience. Unlike the competitive edition, the programmes are simultaneously organized in multiple venues. The emphasis lies in actively involving local stakeholders such as environment and wildlife departments, environment and wildlife conservationists, journalists, academicians and students.

In 2016, the travelling edition of CMS VATAVARAN is organizing International River Festivals dedicated to seven of the large and small rivers of India.

The tentative schedule of the travelling film festival across the cities is as given below:

Date City Rivers in Focus
September 07-11, 2016 Guwahati Brahmaputra
November 30 – December 04, 2016 Pune Mulla - Mutha
October 19-23, 2016 Gandhinagar & Ahmedabad Sabarmati
November 09-13, 2016 Allahabad Ganga
December 14-18, 2016 Mangalore Nethravathi
January 04-08, 2017 Tiruchirappalli Cauvery
January 18-22, 2017 Hyderabad Musi


The objective of these river festivals is to celebrate the importance of these rivers through various activities including films screenings, policy discussions and engaging activities like workshops, competitions, nature trail, cleaning drives etc. The focus of these river festivals is to delve into the various issues related to conserving and protecting these precious resources, like river pollution, biodiversity habitats, concretization of river banks and sustenance of the water flow and associated ecological flows. In each of the seven cities where the Traveling Festivals will be organized, there will be a conscious attempt to highlight the state of water resources in rapidly changing environment and the respective behavioural and policy change required to address the same.